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Customize and Expand Your Domain

Extra Plots: Need more space to build your dreams? Purchase extra plots and expand your territory. With additional plots, you can create sprawling builds, intricate landscapes, and impressive structures to showcase your creativity and prowess in OPGods.

Clear Plot: Start fresh with our Clear Plot option. Instantly clear all blocks and structures from your plot, giving you a clean slate to rebuild or redesign your space exactly the way you want. Perfect for when you need a fresh start or want to implement new ideas.

Change Plot Walls: Personalize your plot with custom walls. Change the appearance of your plot's boundaries to match your aesthetic or theme. Choose from a variety of wall designs to create a unique and visually stunning environment that stands out.

Extra Plot 4.99 USD Buy
Clear Out Plot 2.99 USD Buy
Change Plot Walls and Borders 3.99 USD Buy
Set Plot Biome 3.99 USD Buy